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Basketball- Boys 6th Grade

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Basketball - Boys 6th Grade -


6th Grade Boys 2017/2018 Basketball Schedule 
       January 12th and 13th           Wes Martin Tournament at West Cottonwood School
       January 17th                             Game at Berrendos
       January 18th                             West Cottonwood vs. Happy Valley
       January 22nd                            Game @ Pacheco
       January 24th                             West Cottonwood vs. Anderson
       January 27th and 28th            Shatsa Lake School Tournament
       January 29th                             Game @ Evergreen
       January 31st                             West Cottonwood vs. Berrendos
       Febraury 5th                             Game @ Happy Valley
       Febraury 7th                             West Cottoonwood vs Pacheco
       February 13th                           Game @ Anderson
       Febraury 14th                           West Cottonwood vs. Evergreen
6th Grade Boys Basketball Roster
     Bryce Bidwell            Alonzo Borchert
Johnny Brown           Owen Colver
   Keeton Fletcher        Colton Ironside
Wetson Kibler           Jake Massolo
        Cooper Rendon         Lincoln Scholberg
Braxton Swetland     Kody Wiley