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5th Grade WEB Program Parent Letter.
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Monday, August 14, 2017
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Fifth Grade Parent Letter




We are very excited that your child will be attending West Cottonwood Middle school and we look forward to meeting your student on Orientation Day August 18. West Cottonwood is participating in the nationwide WEB Program; an organization whose sole purpose is to help fifth graders feel more comfortable as well as help them achieve success in their first year of middle school.


The WEB fifth grade orientation and transition program is designed to both welcome

 and support fifth graders by assigning them an 8th grade WEB Leader as a mentor

 during this first year. This WEB Leader is a responsible older student who was hand

 selected from a large pool of applicants and has met the qualifications of being a

 good role model and a positive leader on our campus.


Following is some information to let you know what you and your student can expect in advance of their first day of school.


1) A day or two before orientation your child will also receive a phone call from

 her or his WEB Leader personally inviting your child to orientation day and giving

 the details of where to be and what time;


2) Your child is encouraged not to bring backpacks, purses or other like items as

 the day is quite active;


3) Because the day is active, please make sure that your child wears comfortable

 clothing that does not restrict movement.


This is a student only function so we encourage you to let your child attend on her or

 his own.


We look forward to meeting you and your student on orientation day!


Brittany Stevenson

 Web Coordinator/School Counselor


Sally Stevens

 Web Coordinator/Language Arts Teacher

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