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Art Links

Artsy Fartsy Kids - play, learn, and create at this site for kids who are seriously interested in art, music, and literature. Learn to read music, find a timeline of art periods, read about famous authors, discover famous composers, and even play games.

Artist's Toolkit - watch an animated demonstration of various artistic principles, find examples of these concepts, and create your own composition.

Chunky Monkey Fan Club - cartoon and drawing lessons for kids, original stories, and a showcase for kids' art. There are also other fun activities.

Kidz Draw - get your paintbrush or crayons out and get ready to be inspired! You'll find info on illustrators, drawing tips, and samples of artwork for kids of all ages.

SmARTkids - learn the language of art, explore art materials, and unravel clues about the history of selected artworks. You can even visit an artist's studio and make your own art on this cool site.

Tapps - learn about theatre, architecture, painting, photography, and sculpture by trying out the activities on this site.

Telfair Artyfacts - come check out these art activities and games, gallery, and the monthly featured artistic period. - join the National Arts Centre of Canada and become a music maestro. Includes info on famous composers, different instruments, and the musicians behind the instruments, as well as sound clips, games, and more.

Brain-Juice - browse or search here for the biographies of important 20th century people involved in art, flim, history, literature, and music.