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Handbooks/Magazines - "serves as a place for youth journalists to submit their articles, to have them published, and to comment on the work of other youth journalists. While topic suggestions for the stories are made on every "What's In The News" show, any young person is welcome to submit their work."

National Geographic World Online - There are new science-related articles to read here every month. You can also submit story ideas for the magazine and browse through old issues of the magazine.

Online Newshour Extra: News for Students - Filled with news on current events, this site also includes a Daily Buzz, news organized by subject area (for example, Arts/English and Science), as well as a section for teachers with lesson plans related to the site's content. The site's mission is to help you make connections between the news and the world around you.

Scholastic News Online - An online newsmagazine for kids in grades 3-6. Find out about the world around you in words you can understand!

Time for Kids - Do you need to find out about current events for school? Or maybe you just want to read the latest news. Time for Kids is a great place to start, with lots of interesting articles written just for kids.

Weekly Reader for Kids - This online magazine has lots of fun stuff to do. There are different articles to read, games to play, contests to enter and questions to vote on. - Each week appears in about 130 newspapers in the USA, Canada and Japan. Whether or not you read the weekly www.4Kids newspaper feature, you'll enjoy their web site. There are lots of links and games to play. You can ask a question about the Internet, or become a detective.