*Students must meet academic requirements in order to participate in electives.


Let your artistic side shine! Students will get the opportunity to use a variety of mediums to showcase your creativity with focused projects.

Requirements: Open to 6th- 8th graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Mrs. Masters Location: Room 26

Book Trailers

Is there a book you love and think others will too? Then create your own video book trailer for your favorites! Computer programs, Go Pro cameras, and student produced one of a kind artwork will help students bring these books to life. Book Trailers will be played in the Library for all the student body to see.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Mrs. Swetland Location: Library

Choir and Music

Choir has long been a part of West Cottonwood's history and the tradition continues again this year. Come sing and have fun while also developing your vocal and sight singing skills, and learn about the history of music.

Requirements: Open to 5-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Mrs. Bunt Location: Music Room


Master your skills in the ancient art of Calligraphy. Students will learn a little background of the art of calligraphy pens, and create some calligraphic projects.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter

Conversational French

Bonjour! This course covers everything from greetings and conversation to the culture and food of "la belle" France, so you can interact with and impress your favorite friends and "amis." Vive la France!

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter

Indoor/Outdoor Sports

Indoor/Outdoor Sports is all about being active and physically fit. You will be participating in skills and exercises that build quickness and endurance. Students will be asked to engage in activities that increase their fitness levels, but will also build skills in a variety of sports. This class involves a lot of movement and active participation.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter


Drama is designed to introduce students to the skills and disciplines needed to be a focused and successful actor. Drama will involve memorizing scene work, improvisation, creating sets, and imagination. It will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to express themselves creatively in an unintimidating and accepting class environment. Our goal is to put together a full length musical for parents, staff, and the community to come and witness the amazing talent in our school! This year Drama will be offered both Fall and Spring semesters.

Requirements: Open to 5-8 graders Duration: Semester
Instructor: Mrs. Van Dyke Location: Room 37

Intro to Farm and Garden

This course is designed to introduce students to the world of agriculture. In the Farm and Garden Elective, students will be able to work outside on the school farm and gain practical experience with both animals and plants. Students will understand the basics of the agriculture industry, and the effect it has on the environment, economy, and society as a whole.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Mrs. Hollmer Location: Room 35


West Cottonwood is pleased to announce we now have our own FFA program. FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agriculture education. FFA allows students from all over the state, nation, and world to interact, develop public speaking skills, and grow their ability to think creatively. Students gain hands-on learning experiences, record-keeping skills, and career readiness.

Requirements: Open to 8th Graders Only Duration: Non-elective days.
Instructor: Mrs. Hollmer *FFA will not interfere with electives

Intro to Spanish

This elective is designed to introduce students to the basic vocabulary, phrases, and saying in Spanish. Students will practice speaking and writing skills, and also answering and asking questions. Come and learn some basic Spanish and impress your friends and family.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter


A creative space where students can gather to create, invent, learn, and use new technologies and equipment. Students can get help with a project they are currently working on or they can start a new project. Students can also meet and collaborate with others on projects like: Building Lego NXT Robots, electric

circuits, Bird Houses, and mini skate parks. Studying Skate Park Physics, and learning 3D design.

Intro to Cooking

In our new cooking class students will be able to impress their friends and family with their kitchen skills and learn how to cook a variety of foods. Students will have the opportunity to make and taste delicious food prepared by their own hands.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Mrs. Cunningham/Mrs. Kiefer Location: Room 15

School Newspaper

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter

Students have a great opportunity to become involved in their school by learning about and reporting on school activities, peers, teachers and staff, events, and the community. Students will have the chance to hone their researching, brainstorming, reporting, and interviewing skills, along with sharpening their photography, cartooning, and design skills as well. The paper will give students a chance to demonstrate and explore their creativity while learning valuable skills and developing leadership qualities. The class will require one written article and two other pieces of the student's choice.



Spanish I

Eighth grade students will receive High School credit for the course, since it has the rigor of a five day per week preparation for Spanish 2. Spanish 1 will cover basic verb structures of the present and preterit past tenses, reflexive verbs, and verbs that use indirect object pronouns. This course focuses on listening, speaking,

reading, and writing Spanish, with practice both on the internet and using the resources on the internet. Must meet academic requirements for this course.

Requirements: Open to 8th graders only Duration: Entire Year
Five days per week Monday- Friday
Instructor: Mr. Grant Location: Room 29

Beginning Guitar

Do you think the guitar might be right for you? Well now is the time to find out. Learn to play guitar, and become the musician you've always wanted to be! In these fun and informative lessons, you'll build basic guitar skills. A limited number of guitars are available so space is limited in this elective.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Dan Frost Location: Room 38

Assembly Entertainment

If you are interested in performing at a Student of the Month Assembly, this is the elective for you. Miss Powers or Mrs. Hiscock will be teaching a unique dance routine to a group of students and then the students will perform in front of the school. Students will also be exposed to dance terms and basic dance moves. Hope to see you there!

Requirements: Open to 7-8 graders Only Duration: 1 Quarter
Instructor: Ms. Powers

Study Hall

Need extra time during the week to catch up on your homework or complete your AR points? Then sign up for study hall to help get all your assignments done and stay organized and on top of your class work. This elective will not be offered 1st quarter.

Requirements: Open to 6-8 graders Duration: 1 Quarter