Math Counts


Math Playground - features all sorts of fun games, videos, worksheets, and more. Math Playground is an action packed site for students in grades K-6. Practice your math skills, play a logic game and have some fun!

Aunty Math - join Aunty Math and have fun working out her math challenges in lots of different ways!

Estimator - find out how good you are at estimating with this tool. - explore this amusement park of mathematics! Have fun with interactive activities and games like Lemonade Stand and Arithmattack. There's even stuff for parents and teachers too.

Ask Dr. Math - get your math questions answered!

Math Forum - math news, notes, links and more. Check out the problems of the week.

Fun Mathematics Lessons - test your math skills with lots of fun problems on all kinds of topics like fractions, geometry, money, and more.

Mathematics with Alice - takes you on a course through Mathematics with the help of Alice, the girl in Lewis Carroll's stories. Includes a biography of Carroll as well as math tips and problems.

More Than Math - try some cool activities that combine the visual arts with math. This website is home to challenging activities based on integrating art into the mathematics curriculum.

Mudd Math Fun Facts - search a database full of random facts about math! Each Math Fun Fact is a math problem or statement that contains a cool mathematics idea. You can learn about the mathematics of things like card shuffling to poker to computer vision to fractals to music, just to name a few.

Maths Dictionary for Kids - check out this animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains mathematical terms in simple language with definitions, examples, activities, and calculators. Requires Flash.

Mathletics - find out how math is used in sports like football, baseball, bowling, and basketball. You never thought math was in sports? Just think about it... Every sport uses numbers in some way, whether it's for scoring, determining averages, or figuring percentages. And when numbers are involved, it usually means math is as well.