Mrs. Hyde's 6th Grade Class

Hello! My name is Mrs. Hyde and I'm one of the 6th grade English Language Arts and Social Studies Teachers. It is my goal to help your students grow and learn both in academics and in character throughout this school year. Below are links to assignment lists from each week of the current quarter as well as links to folders that provide any worksheets that were completed in class. I'm excited to have a fun learning filled year this year!

Happy Holidays!

"The Best gifts aren't bought from the store... The best gifts are kindness given from the heart"


Congratulations to the following students for receiving student of the month rewards for August, September and October!



For always giving it your all no matter how hard it can be.




For always being mindful of the thoughts and feelings of everyone around you.




For sticking up for yourself and others no matter how scary it may be.


Mrs. Hyde's Contact Information

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns or just stop by the classroom before or after school!

Text Only: (530) 797-4627

Phone Call: (530) 347-3123