Missing work


Do you have a student who is missing assignments? Check out the classwork tab located on the main page of the West Cottonwood School web page. 

Just click the icon and it will take you to the classwork page.

For 7th and 8th grade students -  you will find the schedule of the work your student is doing for the week on the left. It's a running google document that takes you all the way back to the beginning of that quarter. On the right, you will see all the teachers for that grade listed in green boxes. Click the boxes (example below) and all the worksheets shared are listed there in the document folder.  Download whatever you need! 

For 5th and 6th grade students - All 5th and 6th grade teachers have their own classwork pages.   Just scroll down to your student's teachers' name ( click the teacher) and view their weekly assignments, listed by week so you can access all schedules since the beginning of that quarter along with any worksheets shared in the subject links.

We hope this helps keep your students up to date on their assignments.  If you need any additional help feel free to email your student's teacher or send an email to Mrs. Steele , flagged in RED, to ssteele@cwusd.com and I will do what I can to get that assignment shared. 

 The 1st quarter will be ending October 21st, 2022!  Be sure your student checks in with their teachers regarding deadline for turning in missing work.

Thank You!